What’s the process

Consultation We start off with a consultation which can be done over the phone or in person. We’ll ask questions like “who is your ideal client?” and “what are your company’s unique selling points?” - the purpose is to set your Google AdWords account up in the best way possible.

Keyword Research After this we will begin keyword research and will group keywords into groups called ad groups. We will then write adverts and organise your account so what when someone types “birthday flowers” a relevant advert for Birthday Flowers will appear, rather than a generic advert for just flowers.

Setup Setting your account up should take no longer than 24 hours, but this may change if the account is very large or if we need to contact you for further information.

Payment We will send you a pro-forma by email once you agree to start working with us, and we will need to receive payment before your account is activated.

Optimisation Once activated we will work monthly or weekly (depending on your package) to ensure your adverts are running, but more importantly to lower your cost per click and your cost per sale, and you will recieve weekly/monthly reports with results and what we have done to achieve them.