Marina Cape

The Marina Cape Vacation Complex is built on a cape, in the heart of the bay of Aheloy and is complemented by studios, upscale commercial, and quality entertainment properties.

Online Reklama is in charge of sales and rentals of their apartments through Google AdWords.

We have been advertising using Google AdWords for a total of 3 years and in the two months before Online Reklama began managing our account, our CTR was 0.08%. By the end of the second month with Online Reklama, it had jumped to 3.06%, and our cost per click decreased by over 7%.

Only in two months, we saved over €10,000, and were reaching a larger and more targeted audience.

In addition, when we required a special advertisement and online banner be made for an event in Moscow, Online Reklama responded quickly and efficiently, creating a very successful advertisement despite the short notice.

We would not hesitate to recommend working with Online Reklama EOOD

Sofia Stancioff