Mmmm the benefits

Pay per Click
You only pay for clicks - for real visitors to your website. And not from people that were looking for something else and got pushed to your site - they were actually looking for information related to your business, saw your advert, read it, and clicked on it.

It’s Google!
With 2.5 million searches on Google Bulgaria every day, it’s easy to see the potential there.

Be specific
All businesses have a different target audience, so you can choose to advertise to the whole of Europe or just Bulgaria, even 10 miles around Plovdiv. You can even choose which language your target audience speak. The other people won’t even see your ad, therefore there’s no money wasted on clicks from people that are never going to buy something.

Real results
Until now there is no such method of advertising that can guarantee such results. And with prices like 120,000 BGN for a TV advert, and between only 0,01 to 0,50lv.* per click from someone that is looking online for your products or services that instant, it’s easy to see how small businesses can now compete with larger companies.

There is no minimum amount to spend on clicks - you can start with just 1BGN per day! Just tell us what the most you want to spend each day and you’ll not spend more. We can also edit your budget or pause and restart your adverts whenever you say.

We can not only see how many people search using certain keywords and how many people click on certain adverts, we can also see how many of those contacted you through your enquiry form! This means that you’re not spending money on a keyword that is getting you lots of clicks but no actual business.

Paying for each click/visitor to your site is great but see the dangers of using Google AdWords with an inexperienced AdWords agency.