How can Google AdWords work for me?

Imagine you have a flower shop. How do you advertise it? Flyers, posters, radio?

For you, we would choose keywords such as “flower shop” and within 24 hours, your adverts will show in the first page of the Google search results.

This means that instead of paying €90 for 1,000 flyers which might cause 0-10 people to buy flowers, you will only pay a small amount for a click from someone that is interested in a flower shop at that exact point in time.

The amount of money for a click varies depending on the number of advertisers using that keyword, and how well the account is set up. But for a flower shop we can estimate that a click would cost between 0.05-0.15 BGN.

With our experts managing your Google AdWords account, you can:

- get potential clients to your site
- get more sales at a lower cost

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